Library Leadership

Library and Library Foundation staff and volunteers who create, enable, tell and sell the Library story are led and supported by a leadership team dedicated to creating a community of readers and empowering individuals with free access to information and the universe of ideas.

Lenoir C. “Lee” Keesler, Jr.

Chief Executive Officer

David Singleton

Director of Libraries

Deanna Griffin

Director of Human Resources

Cordelia Anderson, APR

Director of Marketing, Communications and Advocacy

Frank Blair

Director of Real Estate

Jenni Gaisbauer, CFRE

Executive Director, Charlotte Mecklenburg Library Foundation

Angie Myers, CPA

Director of Finance and Funding

Dana Eure

Associate Director of Lifelong Learning

Seth Ervin

Director of Technology and Innovation

Susan McDonald

Associate Director for Library Experiences

Leonora Kaufmann

Associate Director for Library Experiences

Peter Jareo

Associate Director of Operations