Adult Fiction for Young Adults

The best part about writing fiction, is that a lot of books can be versatile for what age group they meet. This booklist contains adult fiction that is appropriate and relatable for teenagers aged 16 and up.

Jason Rekulak’s debut novel, The Impossible Fortress, is a coming-of-age story that follows Billy and his two best friends, Alf and Clark. Set in 1987, the boys try to hatch a plan to steal a Playboy from the local convenience store. In the midst of this, Billy agrees to do anything to win Mary, the owner’s daughter, affection in order to find the security code. Soon, Billy is falling for Mary, a fellow coder and and computer obsessed nerd.

Zack Lightman is minding his own business, sitting in class when he looks out the window and spots a flying saucer. In Armada, by Ernest Cline, Zach thinks he is going crazy, but the flying saucer is the same design as the one from his favorite videogame called Armada. Soon, Zach’s gaming skills are needed in order to save the world from aliens.

In, The Fall of Lisa Bellow by Susan Perabo, thirteen- year-old Meredith becomes a witness to her classmate, Lisa’s, abduction. Lisa was the most popular girl in school, and Meredith’s enemy. Meredith must come to terms with being a witness, and her mother, Claire, must deal with the relief she feels that her own daughter wasn’t abducted.

Hex by Thomas Olde Heuvelt is a spooky tale about Black Springs, a town haunted by the Black Rock Witch who has her eyes and mouth sewn shut. She wanders the town and people’s homes, but she must not be disturbed and her eyes must never be opened. Tired of being stuck in their small town, a group of teenagers start using their cell phones to hunt the witch down and film her. Of course, this wrecks havoc on the town, and it’s dark past.

A middle school tragedy has followed the teens of Mill Valley through to high school. In, The Most Dangerous Place on Earth by Lindsey Lee Johnson, a new teacher, Molly, comes to terms with learning about the wealthy teenagers and their actions. All is not what it seems, and social media plays a large part in the bullying certain students participate in.

The last book, Chasing the North Star by Robert Morgan, opens in spring of 1851 on Jonah’s eighteenth birthday. Jonah is fleeing South Carolina where he was born a slave. He brings a few items with him, and has no clear idea on how to get to the north. Jonah must hide from the men chasing him, but isn’t able to hide from Angel, a slave who wants to follow Jonah to freedom.