Audiobooks are the New Binge

Dive into an audiobook series this holiday season.

Between road trips, family dinners and Netflix-hogging relatives, the holiday season can test anyone’s patience. So how does one get a breather from the chaos? Slip on those headphones and dive into an audiobook.

We’ve rounded up hours of entertainment for when you just need to get away without going anywhere.  So grab some earbuds and give your eyes a break!

The Raven Cycle: Gansey almost died once, and it left him with an obsession. Ronan uses cruelty and anger to keep his too-real nightmares at bay. Adam is desperate to keep his home life away from his school life and to not jeopardize his scholarship at the prestigious local boys' school. Noah barely participates in life unless he’s dragged into it, and nothing seems to improve his mood. Then there’s Blue, and she knows one of those boys is going to die within the year. Start the four-part series with the first book, The Raven Boys. (The Raven Cycle series is 45 hours and 47 minutes of haunting mystery, magic and romance.)

Finishing School: Meet Sophronia in this exciting, paranormal, steampunk series! Sophronia has no interest in finishing school or learning to be a ‘proper lady.’ She likes herself the way she is. Not that she’s tried to get rejected by schools, it’s just that she can’t let any questions in her curious mind go without finding an answer.  When Mademoiselle Geraldine’s Finishing Academy for Young Ladies of Quality takes an interest in her, she’s immediately suspicious but also a bit curious. Enter thieves with dirigibles, vampire teachers, and a classmate raised by werewolves and Sophronia is determined to be top of her class at Mademoiselle Geraldine's. Sure, the school teaches all the normal finishing school classes like dancing, proper dress and etiquette for all occasions, but the real challenge is learning to use her new skills to spy, steal and fight. This finishing school is anything but boring. Find the first book, Etiquette and Espionage, here. (Get ready for 37 hours and 11 minutes of humor and adventure and intrigue!)

Heroes of Olympus: The world first met Percy Jackson in The Lightening Thief. The sarcastic, dyslexic 12-year-old may not have been the lightning thief, but he certainly stole readers’ hearts! Now Percy is 16, and it’s been four months since he and his friends saved Olympus. Except no one can find Percy and something is very, very wrong with the Greek gods. Join the saga as new heroes join familiar characters and mythology gets even more complicated. Percy and his friends’ next quest begins with The Lost Hero. (Don’t let the 77-hours-and-7-minute run-time fool you, this epic story of mythic proportions will be over before you know it.)

Summer: During the summer, Netflix released its adaption of “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before,” and if you enjoyed that, you may also enjoy Jenny Han’s Summer series about Bally who has lived her life in summers. She’s always been in love with Conrad, the boy next door, but doesn’t think anything will come of it. Until one summer, when everything changes. (Chase a little of that summer glow starting with The Summer I Turned Pretty and you’ll have 20 hours and 19 minutes of angst and family drama.)

Michael Vey: Michael is just like every other teen at Meridian High School -- except he has Tourette’s Syndrome. Oh, and special powers. Michael works hard to keep his electric powers a secret, but soon he discovers he’s not the only one with secret powers. (Charge into this 61 hour-and-56-minute thrilling series starting with The Prisoner Of Cell 25).  


You may not even need to come into the library get started on your audiobook adventure this holiday season! Your Library card or ONE Access Student ID both grant you access to all kinds of digital content for free. Get started with our biggest audiobook vender, Hoopla, or our eBook central, Libby.