Back to School Time: Books for Children

Back to School Time: Books for Children

August is when students of all ages get ready to go back to school, homework, sharpening pencils, and making new friends. Below is a list of some fun children’s books that parents can share with children of all ages before their first day back to school.

Anica Mrose Rissi’s book, The Teacher’s Pet, brings us the story of Mr. Stricter and his pet tadpoles. When the tadpoles hatch, he lets his class pick one to keep; they choose teeny, tiny Bruno. Little did they know that Bruno is only small in size, for he causes big problems. This is a silly tale about a reluctant teacher whose students save the day. The illustrations are full of fun, fall themed colors that remind the reader of back to school season.

Back to School with Bigfoot by Samantha Berger is a fun book that follows our main character, Bigfoot as he returns to school. He is filled with worries--so much could go wrong. But, he soon remembers all of his friends will be there with him. The expressions drawn on Bigfoot’s face are full of loud expressions.

Our third book is by Adam Rex and it is called School’s First Day of School. It begs the question, what if the actual school was nervous to start the new school year? The story is fun for all children, and it has very vibrant, yet simple illustrations

The book, Back to School Tortoise introduces readers to Tortoise who is shy and worried about his first day of school. This book will reach any child that is filled with nervous worry and reassure them that school is fun. It also teaches readers the value of being brave when being faced with new situations. The text is simple, and easy to follow along for younger readers; the illustrations are light and easy.