Children's Literature: May is... National Bike Month

First established in 1956, May is National Bike Month, and is sponsored by the League of American Bicyclists. Throughout the month, the league shares information about bicycle safety and the benefits of bicycling. Riding bikes is not only a money saving way to get around, but it is also a great way for children to get exercise! The following books are for children preschool through second grade and celebrate bicycles in their own way.

Frank Viva takes us on an exciting and speedy bicycle ride through many different places in his book, Along A Long Road. Along with simple, yet rhythmic text, Viva uses a bold yellow road to catch the reader’s attention as we travel a long. This book is great for younger children as the text is simple, and the visual design catches the eye.

Joseph’s Big Ride, by Terry Farish shares the story of Joseph, a young refugee boy who is determined beyond all measure to ride a bicycle. When Joseph moves to America, he has the chance to ride a bike that is the perfect size for him. This is a story of determination and friendship; it was inspired by the author’s interviews with children of Sudan. This story is great for first and second graders, and introduces them to a child who may have similar or different life experiences; it is a great conversation starter. The illustrations are also fun and vibrant, which go along with the positive message of the story.

Author Corey R. Tabor brings back his mischievous character, Fox, in Fox and the Bike Ride. In this story, it is the day of the annual bike ride and Fox wants to make it more exciting then years past, so of course he is up to no good. He wants to have the most adventurous day he can! This book is a fun tale with a silly fox and his friends. The illustrations are engaging color pencil drawings that are colorful and eye catching.

Lastly, we have Bike On, Bear! By Cynthea Liu. In this book, Liu tells the story of Bear, who is a genius, but he can’t ride a bike -- not even with training wheels! It’s an unbearable situation for him, until he goes to the library and reads a book teaching him how to ride a bike. This is lovely story about working hard, not giving up, and always believing in yourself. Kristyna Litten’s illustrations are simple, cute, and fun.

The following are some more books that celebrate bicycles: Curious George Rides a Bike, The Bike Lesson, My Bike, Duck on a Bike, Bug on a Bike, and Vera Rides a Bike.

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