Feeling Fidgety?

Ethan and Quinn make fidget spinners for their YouTube channel

Quinn and Ethan Schneider are two high school kids on a mission. They wanted to try out the Library's 3-D printer and make fidget spinners for their popular YouTube channel . With a little assistance from Idea Box library staff they accomplished their task, and for a very affordable price!

Their video sums it up here: https://youtu.be/vIRHh3yY9II

Quinn, 18, is a senior at Woodlawn School in Davidson. He will attend the U.S. Naval Academy (USNA) to study engineering and compete on USNA’s distance running teams. Ethan, 16, is a freshman at Hough High School. When he isn’t making videos with Quinn, Ethan is a competitive year-round swimmer and is earning his pilot’s license.

In 2014, Quinn and Ethan Schneider borrowed their father’s professional video equipment and began creating videos to “inspire fellow adventure seekers with videos of two somewhat ordinary guys doing some not-so-ordinary things.” They’ve fried eggs using a giant magnifying glass made from the screen of a rear projection TV, filled a 6-foot balloon with 30 pounds of dry ice and they’ve floated on Lake Norman atop a raft made from pumpkins.