Get ready for kindergarten with the Library

Get ready for kindergarten with the Library

Whether you are still basking in the excitement of summer or daydreaming about the day your kids head back to school, Charlotte Mecklenburg Library can be your partner for enjoying the summer with your children while helping you prepare them to enter kindergarten.

Even if your child won’t start kindergarten in the fall, or the following fall, we’ve got you covered.

Getting ready, month-by-month

Help your child prepare for kindergarten with the Library’s FREE month-by-month guide to kindergarten readiness. Tips and ideas include skills development, getting ready to read, health and wellness and lots of book recommendations (for kids and adults!).

Each month in the guide has a theme with skills to learn, activities to enjoy and books to read. The month of August is all about manners. As children enter kindergarten, they should be able to interact with other children and adults in a cooperative and courteous manner. Try an activity like creating a courtesy and appreciation box in your home by cutting a hole in the top of a shoe box. As frequently as you decide, ask family members to write on slips of paper how other family members were polite, courteous, cooperative and showed good manners. Then read them aloud to share these examples with your child.

You can also check out books like Excuse Me! by Lisa Kopelke and Lady Lupin’s Book of Etiquette by Barbette Cole to show even more examples of manners through these fun stories.

Dive right in to begin preparation now, or bookmark the page for future use.

Prepare for more than A-B-Cs and 1-2-3s

When you sign your child up for one of the Library’s Get Set 4 K programs, they will not only learn about reading, writing and arithmetic – they will learn crucial skills such as selecting food in the cafeteria, cutting with scissors, carrying a tray and even washing and drying their hands in an unfamiliar school bathroom.

Be sure to register online, there are only a few sessions this summer.

Get Set 4 K programs

Break in that new back pack by checking out some books

Kindergarten is a time when your child will begin developing the skills they need to read on their own. Check out this suggested reading list for rising kindergarteners developed by early literacy experts at the Library. This list is sure to keep your child reading for the fun of it for the rest of the summer. This blog post lists even more great books for rising kindergarteners.

You also have access to resources like Tumblebooks, StoryPlace and the Autism Reference Collection for even more titles and interactive literacy tools.

Remember, reading doesn’t have to be a solo activity – shared reading experiences with a family member are a great bonding and learning activity.

If you need more support with preparing for kindergarten, Charlotte Mecklenburg Library staff are always willing to help! Stop by one of our 20 locations across Mecklenburg County and get set for kindergarten!