Historical Fiction Writer Jamie Ford Joins Verse & Vino

If you check the blog section of writer Jamie Ford’s website, the most current entry is entitled “I’m going to need to a bigger suitcase” as he is in travel and promotion mode for his newest book release.  Love and Other Consolation Prizes was published in September and is the newest from the award-winning, bestselling writer.  This new novel is inspired by the true events of a half-Chinese orphan raffled off as a prize at the 1909 Seattle World’s Fair to a brothel madam whose establishment, ultimately, gives the child a genuine sense of home.    

Ford’s work tends to touch bittersweet and moving tones as the literary database Novelist Plus says, “Chinese-American author Jamie Ford writes moving character-driven novels that explore the struggles of ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances. His historical fiction focuses on Asian immigrants in America, showing how racial prejudice combines with socio-political situations to add difficulties to his characters' lives.”

The writer will arrive in Charlotte to continue his book tour for the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library Foundation’s 2017 Verse & Vino literary event on Thursday, November 2.  Check here to find all of Ford’s books in the library system.

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