Locke Lands a Top 2017 Mystery Book Spot

It’s December and time for the “best of year lists” to appear.  Mystery books are not an exception with recent newspaper submissions from the Washington Post and the New York Times.  Both publications have a list at 10 and under and one title gets recognized from newspapers: Bluebird, Bluebird by Attica Locke.   

The celebrated novel has the summary as follows:  Forced by duty to return to his racially divided East Texas hometown, an African-American Texas Ranger risks his job and reputation to investigate a highly charged double-murder case involving a black Chicago lawyer and a local white woman.  The New York Times writes the novel’s “plot has legs, and Locke’s blues-infused idiom lends a strain of melancholy to her lyrical style.”  And the Washington Post writes that Locke “is a brisk writer with a sharp eye for the racial tensions that continue to simmer in small Southern communities.”  She is a native of Houston, Texas, and Locke has three other titles in the library system.