Real talk for teens at ImaginOn’s Teen Summit

Teens get real on the issues concerning them with ImaginOn’s upcoming Teen Summit

This year has been hard. It has challenged our hope, resiliency and our optimism. If there's one thing this year has proven, it's that, when we work together and unite with a focus on justice and equality, actionable change is possible.

Being a teenager is challenging enough without feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders and, even worse, not being able to do anything to lighten that load. That's what ImaginOn's Real Talk and Teen Summit programs want to accomplish. There is power in youth. There is power in unbridled imagination. These are complex problems, and complex problems require creative, unique solutions.

This isn't a burden you have to carry by yourself. From mental health, confronting authority, gender identity and feeling othered, we've gathered experts from different fields who will help us navigate these trying topics.

The issues of today are going to be iterations of the issues of tomorrow. We're facing these battles, and we're tasked with finding enduring solutions. Setting a groundwork of knowledge and experience exploring these topics is necessary to understand how we got where we are and where we want to go.

Please join us for the Teen Summit:

Boost Hope for A Better Tomorrow Teen Summit

Thursday, October 8, 5-6 p.m.

A community discussion is an opportunity for youth to engage our panel experts around current social issues within society. Our goal is to have a discussion of empowering our youth towards creating awareness around matters considering them. Our panel experts will consist of teen community leaders and educators throughout Mecklenburg County.



This blog was written by Alana Esposito, a VolunTeen for Charlotte Mecklenburg Library.