Robinson-Spangler Carolina Room - A Walk Down Memory Lane

Librarian Jane Johnson Talks About Robinson-Spangler Carolina Room Winning Award for Walk Down Memory Lane, Charlotte Mecklenburg Library,

The May 2018 issue of Charlotte Magazine recognized the Robinson-Spangler Carolina Room as the best place to ‘Walk Down Memory Lane.’ An expertly curated collection of regional history, the Robinson-Spangler Carolina Room is an interactive time-capsule. Located on the third floor of the Main Library on North Tryon, the Carolina Room offers a unique opportunity for guests to explore historical documents, photos, and even family records from all 50 states.

With the largest genealogical collection of any library in the state, a visit to the Robinson-Spangler Carolina Room is a great way to get in touch with the history of our home. The growing variety of materials is also sure to satisfy the curiosities of even the biggest history 

Everyone may have a different reason for coming in. Whether you are looking to find a lost relative or discover the meaning of your last name, the Robinson-Spangler Carolina Room has the resources to help. For most, the best way to start is by logging on to one of the computers available in the Carolina Room to access for free.

“Everyone’s story is different, and some answers lead to more questions.” says special collection manager Jane Johnson. “The secrets of history can be complicated, but we are here to help.”

New discoveries may lead to the vaults; two climate controlled, dark rooms among the collection containing treasures of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg story. While looking around, be sure to ask to see the Rare Books room where regional heirlooms and antiquities are tucked among the shelves.

 The Carolina-Spangler Room is the Best of the Best in Charlotte, but the information housed there is not bound to city limits. Highlights of the extensive archives include city directories, school yearbooks, maps, music, war propaganda and cookbooks from across the Carolinas and beyond. With new donations expanding the collection to include international records, old cultures from the American South and across the globe live on in the Carolina Room. Plan a visit today and find your story.

The Robinson-Spangler Carolina Room is always looking for items of historical interest. For more information about donations to the collection, contact the Robinson-Spangler Carolina Room