Selected Summer Vacation Mystery Novels

The summer traveling period is here and for many it is also the time to relax and read.  Book lovers come to seek a little advice for new titles through a recommended summer reading list, and mystery readers should be not excluded.  For mystery fans, a good mystery is always in season.

A quick internet search can direct you to the 2017 summer list from Publisher’s Weekly providing nine titles under its “mystery/thriller” entry.  Seven are available at Charlotte Mecklenburg Library with one coming later on order.  Check further and you may find large print, audiobook CD and ebook versions of some titles. 

A  word of warning however for this upcoming list: these books are checked out with hold lists, so you will have to expect a wait.      

Matchup edited by Lee Child is a unique collaboration of pairing 22 popular male and female thriller writers to deliver a short story featuring their protagonist.  Pairings include Sandra Brown and C.J. Box, Val McDermid and Peter James and Kathy Reichs and Lee Child among others.      

Lee Child is the sole writer of another short story collection this year with No Middle Name: the Complete Collected Jack Reacher Short Stories.  Here are 12 stories including a new novella along with the 11 previously published short stories.

Writer Karen Dionne’s new book is a psychological-suspense themed novel with family ties.  The Marsh King’s Daughter is a fast-paced tale of a murderous escaped convict being tracked down by his own daughter, the one person who clearly knows his survival skills in the wilderness.   

The Good Widow by Liz Fenton and Lisa Steinke follows the investigation of an unexpected death. Elementary school teacher Jacqueline Morles’ husband Nick is supposedly on a business trip in Kansas but he dies of an accidential death in Hawaii.  Stunned, Jacqueline is still grieving when she is approached by an unlikely ally to investigate what happened in this intricated plotted story.  

Amateur private investigator Ash McKenna steps into his fourth novel with misadventures in the Czech Republic in The Woman From Prague by Rob Hart.  A questionable emissary of an unidenitifed U.S. government agency blackmails Ash into picking up a small package, leading him to be nearly killed.  Determined to pursue the matter further, Ash pairs with a new contact and plunges into a noir-filled, banter-filled spy story.     

Writers Elizabeth Peters and Joan Hess conclude the witty Amelia Peabody mystery series in The Painted Queen.  In 1912, married archeologists and and amateur detectives Amelia Peabody and Radcliffe Emerson are on the search for the stolen bust of Queen Nefertiti and wind up targeted by assassins in the 20th book of this series.   

Party Girls Die in Pearls: an Oxford girl mystery by Plum Sykes ends this list with a humourous mystery.  In 1985, Ursula Flowerbutton is a young college student and aspiring reporter when a fellow college student is found dead.  Curious to begin her own investigation, Ursula, with another student, pushes ahead into the case set among parties, the college scene and life among the upper class.