Technology Novels for Teens

Technology is ever expanding and is a big part of all of our lives. We use laptops, robots, cell phones, and more. The following are some great technology based fiction books that any young adult reader will enjoy.

Don’t Turn Around is the first in a series of three books by Michelle Gagnon. Noa is sixteen years old, and living off the grid; she uses her hacking skills to remain hidden from others. One day, she wakes up in a warehouse with an IV drip in her arm; she has nobody to call for help. In comes Peter, a wealthy kid and hacker who needs Noa to help fight against an evil corporation. This action packed book has been likened to the Bourne Identity series.

Authors Michael Grant and Katherine Applegate combined forces to write Eve & Adam. The tale starts when Eve is in a car crash and is taken to her mother’s research facility. Because she has nothing to do while she heals, her mother gives her the task of creating the perfect boy. Eve must use simulation technology to create the perfect boy--Adam.

BZRK by Michael Grant is the first in a series of three. Conjoined twins, Charles and Benjamin Armstrong, own the Armstrong Fancy Gifts Corporation, and want to make the world their perfect utopia. There will be no conflicts, hunger, or wars, but also, no free will. Fighting against them is BZRK, a group of teens fighting to protect their rights. They are not fighting with weapons, but with a DNA-based nano bot in the host’s brain. They will either be free, or their mind will be lost forever. This book is recommended for fans of The Hunger Games.

Marissa Meyer’s book, Cinder, the first in the Lunar Chronicles, takes place in New Beijing, which is full of humans and android robots. Cinder is a cyborg and mechanic who is despised by her stepmother and stepsisters. Soon, she is in the middle of a space struggle with the lunar people, and becomes involved with Prince Kai. She is the world’s only hope. This is a science fiction retelling of the Cinderella story.

Ready Player One by Ernest Cline is a standalone novel based in 2044 and Wade Watts is a teenager who is obsessed with solving the clues his favorite video game writer left within his game. It is said that any player that solves all the riddles and puzzles will win power and a huge fortune. Although this is cataloged as an adult fiction book, it is a great read for young adults too. If you enjoyed the movie Tron, this is the book for you!