Teen Librarian Recommends: Mushy Young Adult Novels

Love & Other Train Wrecks

Love is in the air, with Valentine's Day just around the corner. Why not fall in love with a new Young Adult book as well? This list of books contains love stories with protagonists, who may not even be interested in finding love, finding them swept off their feet in a charming romance. If you are in the mushy mood, here are a sample of books to delight your heart!

During a snow storm, a train breaks down and two teens make the decision to venture out into the wild to return to their destination. In Love & Other Train Wrecks, by Leah Konen, the two main characters get into predicaments and see much more of the world than they originally bargained for. Along their adventure, a romance blossoms between the two, and even though they were both adamantly not looking for love, they develop feelings for each other. The main characters learn to let go, and embrace their new feelings, and learn more about themselves in the process.

Eleanor is used to being picked on, with grubby, mix-matched clothes and flaming red, curly hair. Park tries his hardest to remain invisible. One day, when Eleanor sits next to Park on the bus, he tries his hardest not to associate himself with Eleanor, but after finding a shared interest in comic books and music, the two fall for each other. Eleanor & Park, by Rainbow Rowell, is a romantic story of two teens who did not expect to find love.

After spending his life at a school for the blind, 16-year-old Will transferring to attend his local high school is a big deal. Will begins to learn more how people view him and his blindness around his peers. During his journey of self-discovery, he meets Cecily, who he feels a spark during their discussions about art, sunrises, trust, and acceptance. Will undergoes a cornea transplant and learns that Cecily has not been very truthful about her appearance. Love And F1st Sight, by Josh Sundquist, is a beautiful book about loving someone for their heart, rather than judging them on their appearance.

In Nicola Yoon's The Sun is Also a Star, the book takes place in a single day of Daniel and Natasha's life. Natasha and Daniel could not be more different: Natasha is a down-to-earth, science lover who is facing deportation to Jamaica and Daniel has his head in the clouds and spends his free time writing poetry, though his parents want him to attend Yale. Once the two meet, fate or chance seem to keep them together and they learn to follow their own paths. Follow their story and enjoy this fast-paced read.