We "stay busy" in Idea Box

Tammy gets her patterns ready for sewing in the Library's Idea Box

On a particularly busy day in the Idea Box on September 20, there were four activities going on at the same time!  Angela Haigler took a break from helping a sewing "maker" to shoot this quick unedited video.

What you'll see:

1) Librarian, Marie Harris leading a group of seven in a class that turned a t-shirt into a baby onesie. 
2)  Serious Cosplay crafter, Marie busy creating a special mirror in Tinkercad for her "Belle" costume. 
3) Graphic Designer Nick, creating laser cut pieces for his side gig where he makes custom marketing materials.
4) Tammy, getting a head start on a dress she hopes will hone her sewing skills to land a future job as a seamstress.

"We stay busy" is our motto on those busy evenings, we hope you'll join us! 

Want to learn more?  Visit www.cmlibrary.org/idea-box for info.