Young Adult Librarian Recommends: Nerdy YA Romances


If you have got a geeky side and love a heart-warming romance, this list was made for you! These nerdy teen books will not only capture charming relationships, but also coming of age stories of people who are learning to get out of their comfort zone. Here are some recommendations that will make your inner nerd squee with delight!

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

Simon Snow is the biggest book series in the world, and Cath is a fan. Ok, not just a fan, a HUGE fan. Not only do her and her sister, Wren, absolutely love the sister, Cath is the author of many Simon Snow fanfictions, with a huge following. Though Cath may be a superstar on the internet, in her real life, she is starting college, meeting new people, and drifting from her sister, who is becoming more involved in reality than fiction, including meeting two possible love interests. Cath has the daunting task of writing a highly anticipated fanfiction finale to the series, before the actual book comes out, but will she still want to do it, when her love life is so interesting?

Cure for the Common Universe by Christian McKay Heidicker

Jaxon is going on his first well as video game rehab. In worlds where he is used to blasting his way through to earn the most points, he has to learn how to impress his crush in only four days, before he is off to rehab. Jaxon learns how to open up and share his soul and make a connection. Funny and quirky, this book is perfect for video game fans or anyone who enjoys sarcastic humor and nerdiness.

Geekerella by Ashley Poston

Told in the perspective of two completely different people, Geekerella tells the story of geek girl Elle Wittimer, a cosplayer, who wants to wants to win the cosplay contest at a ball so she can meet the actor of Federation Prince Carmindor. Teen actor, Darien Freeman, on the other hand plays the title role of this hit show, and he is not looking forward to the ball, because he has to deal with awkward meet-and-greets and photo after photo. He feels like the day will never end until he meets Elle, who brightens his world. Set to the theme of Cinderella, this light read will delight your romantic side.

Life in Outer Space by Melissa Keil

Sam Kinnison is a self-proclaimed geek. He loves World of Warcraft, sci-fi and horror movies, and writing on message boards. He has never been interested in an actual girl (other than Princess Leia) until he meets Camilla. Camilla makes her way into Sam’s friend group, and ignoring Sam’s protests, she encourages Sam to get out of his comfort zone whether he likes it or not. The story is very humourous and touching and deals with issues such as bullying, gender, and friendships.