Charlotte Mecklenburg Library Budget Information

Where does Library funding come from?

The Library receives most of its operational funding from Mecklenburg County (approximately 90%). Other funding sources, such as the State of North Carolina, the City of Charlotte, and the Mecklenburg ABC Board, make up a small portion of the Library’s operational funding.

Additionally, the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library Foundation seeks private contributions, grants and sponsorships throughout the year to support library services for all ages and provide resource enhancements. Revenue from fines and fees is also used to serve the community above and beyond what tax-based funding provides.

While the Library receives much of its funding from Mecklenburg County, the Library is a separate, independent entity with its own governing body, the Board of Trustees.

The Library operates on a fiscal year that begins July 1.

FY 2016 Library Funding

The FY 2016 Library budget, which began July 1, 2015, is approximately $35.9 million, with $31.4 million coming from Mecklenburg County.

A Commitment to Service is reflected in the Library's Budget.
Charlotte Mecklenburg Library has a strong commitment to customer service. The greatest asset and expense that the Library has is in its personnel. Personnel expense has historically been approximately 75% of the Library’s total budget, followed by General Operating (building maintenance, utilities and basic operational expenses), Books and Materials, and Programs & Outreach.

FY2016 Budget adopted by the Board of Trustees

FY2016 Mecklenburg County Budget

2014 - 2017 Strategic Plan

Annual Reports

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Accomplishments Memos

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Library by the Numbers

FY 2015 Library by the Numbers

Fiscal Stewardship

Each year, an independent audit is conducted on the Library’s financial statements, internal controls and compliance with government accounting standards. The Library’s financial reports (and the audit opinions on those reports) are available here:

FY 2015 Annual Audit
FY 2014 Annual Audit
FY 2013 Annual Audit
FY 2012 Annual Audit
FY 2011 Annual Audit
(older reports available upon request.)