Independence Writers Group

Saturday, May 15, 2021 -
10:00am to 12:00pm

Independence Regional, IB Community Room

An open discussion of the art and business of writing short stories, poems and novels. Critiques are available if three to eight copies of materials to be critiqued are provided. The group meets on the third Saturday of the month.

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The writer’s group meeting is an open discussion of the art and business of writing poems, short stories and novels. Members bring up to 10 copies of their work to be critiqued. The work is read aloud and the attendees mark up the printed copies with comments. Some of the comments, usually excluding grammatical errors, are shared with the group. The critiques are limited to comments which are friendly and instructive. No problem in the writing may be mentioned unless a resolution method or methods are also noted. As always, the writer alone has the last word on how they want their piece to read. They do not need to defend their decisions. Writers who are publishing in traditional or electronic domains are encouraged to share their experience and strategies including reviewing their synopsis for a novel they have written, solicitation letters, e-publishing services and experiences with literary agents.

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