Lenoir C. “Lee” Keesler, Jr.

Chief Executive Officer

Lee Keesler, CEO 

Lee Keesler’s relationship with Charlotte Mecklenburg Library started in 1956 when his mother began taking him and his older brother to the Myers Park Library, then known as the South Branch Library.  This began a lifetime of using, enjoying and working in libraries. Libraries are sanctuaries for Lee and, to him, they are precious, practical community assets. 

In his role as CEO, Lee is responsible for ensuring that Charlotte Mecklenburg Library fulfills its mission to improve lives and build a stronger community.  He focuses on “the long game” -- strategy, investment, impact and leaving behind an organization that can sustain itself for years to come. Lee believes in leaving things in better condition than he found them is an act of stewardship. Making a positive difference in the lives of the leaders and professionals with whom he works gives him immense satisfaction. 

In his free time, Lee enjoys spending time with family, riding his bike, listening to audio books, reading and playing competitive golf. 

Lee Keesler, CEO