PebbleGo Science & more!

PebbleGo, the go-to resource for K-3 research and literacy.

PebbleGo Animals invites you to explore the world of animals with articles that support animal classification, behavior, and habitat lessons.  With nearly 300 (and growing) articles from frogs to great white sharks to a whole array of pets and more, your students will never run out of creatures, critters, and pets to explore, and you'll always have a go-to resource you can rely on.  Special features: range maps and downloadable template to label animal parts.  Also available in Spanish.

In PebbleGo Science you will discover physical, life, and earth & space sciences, along with engineering, technology, and their applications.  With nearly 250 (and growing) articles connected to Next Generation Science Standards from weather and shapes to plants, simple machines, technology and more, you will never run out of new things to spark curiosity about how and why things work, and you'll always have a go-to science resource you can rely on.  Special features: activities & critical thinking questions and two videos for most articles.  Also available in Spanish.

PebbleGo Social Studies offers learning oppportunties about the world around you with a diverse array of topics, including families, maps, and holidays.  With over 200 (and growing) articles connected to state and national standards from countries and U.S. symbols to community helpers, money, government and more, you will never run out of new things to spark curiosity about the world.  Special features: Categories exploring a comprehensive collection of curriculum-based content and lessson plans include Democracy and Voting.  Also available in Spanish.

PebbleGo Biographies lets you research the lives of important historical and contemporary figures who have impacted the world.  With over 250 (and growing) articles from inventors to explorers, African Americans and Hispanic Americans, women, athletes and more, you will never run out of compelling figures to discover.  Special features: timelines for every person and individuals cross-referenced in multiple categories.  Also available in Spanish.

Take an adventure in PebbleGo Dinosaurs and dig up facts about your favorite prehistoric animals with dinosaur resources that reflect current scientific understanding.  With over 125 (and growing) articles from bone-heads to giant long-necks to a whole assortment of bird-like dinosaurs and more, you will never run out of dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures to discover.  Special features: scientifically accurate dinosaur illustrations and downloadables for you to label dinosaur parts.

PebbleGo Animals, Social Studies, Biographies, and Dinosaurs have been added temporarily by the publisher during the COVID-19 pandemic.