Is Starting a Nonprofit Right for You?

Thursday, October 17 10:00 AM
Myers Park

Starting a nonprofit can seem terrifically complicated--is it worth it? This class is deigned to inform and make you think about key characteristics of nonprofits and explore other alternatives.

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Social Security 101

Thursday, November 7 1:00 PM
Hickory Grove

This program provides a broad overview of the types of benefits offered by Social Security, how an individual qualifies for benefits and who else might be entitled to a benefit on your record. Learn how to use my Social Security online account and other online services.

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Financial Literacy: The Road to Medicare

Thursday, October 17 1:00 PM
University City Regional

The Road to Medicare is a presentation which provides an overview of Medicare. It is for those who are close to turning 65; considering retirement; have basic questions about Medicare; or want to sort out Medicare’s relationship with their employer’s group health plan.

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