Community Read 2019

Community Read brings awareness to Charlotte-Mecklenburg

Community Read brings awareness to Charlotte

Charlotte Mecklenburg Library celebrated Community Read the entire month of March with the hopes of bringing the community together to discuss the issues that are important to Charlotte. Close to 200 programs and events were scheduled between Library and partner locations covering many topics from wellness, culture, education to the arts.
Join Charlotte Mecklenburg Library for Week 3 of Community Read

The community comes together for Community Read

As we head into week 3 of Community Read, we’re happily overwhelmed by the number of people reading, sharing and discussing the books and we hope even more people will join in. This year, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg community has come out in full force for Community Read.  If you’re just getting into Community Read 2019, There are still plenty of great programs and events lined up both through the Library and our community partners.