early literacy

Report Cover

Mecklenburg County Report on Early Childhood Education

Last fall, our partners at Mecklenburg County released a report called "Creating Opportunity: An Action Plan for Early Childhood Education." This report, created by the Mecklenburg County Early Childhood Education Executive Committee, aligns with the Library's emphasis on early literacy and educational success.

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

September is Hispanic Heritage Month. Join us at several of our branches as we celebrate with cultural events [link], including “Arts & Science Council Culture Blocks: Carolinas Latin Dance” [link] at Independence Regional on September 16, and “Traveling Through Latin America with Music” [link] at Myers Park on September 19.

ONE Access™

When libraries and schools work together, everyone wins.

In 2015 the Library, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, Mecklenburg County and the City of Charlotte accepted the White House ConnectED Library Challenge, pledging to provide students with easily accessible information and educational resources.

Getting Ready to Read

Skills to Practice this Month

To improve your child's vocabulary, add more detail to what she says when she talks with you.
Research shows that children who have larger vocabularies are better readers. Knowing many words helps children recognize written words and understand what they read.


Help your child gather favorite photos of people, places, and things. Invite him to tell you about the people or animals or places in the pictures. Record his thoughts and post the pictures and descriptions somewhere in your home.