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A database of full-text magazines, journals, and reference books, as well as photo, map, and flag files dating back to 1917. Titles include popular magazines like Consumer Reports, Car and Driver, Country Living, Elle, Essence, Good Housekeeping, Harper’s Bazaar, and Popular Mechanics alongside an expansive list of scholarly and trade publications.
Keep cool this summer…with your library.

Keep cool this summer…with your library.

Ah, summer. Lawn mowers are humming, tropical drink recipes are being Pinned, and parents are scrambling to find things to keep high-energy youngsters occupied. Now is the perfect time of year to turn to your Library for free inspiration. Here are a dozen ways we can help you stay cool in June.

Adult Fiction for Young Adults

The best part about writing fiction, is that a lot of books can be versatile for what age group they meet. This booklist contains adult fiction that is appropriate and relatable for teenagers aged 16 and up.

May highlights

April showers bring May flowers… so what does May bring? At your library, May brings a flurry of activity, as we prepare our gardens, plan for the end of the school year, and participate in a wealth of celebrations—including Older Americans Month, Comic Book Day, Small Business Week and Mother's Day. We're also introducing some fun new ways to learn and explore. Check out the highlights!