Building Projects

Mecklenburg County Asset and Facility Management provides master planning, space planning, architectural design and construction administration services for Library capital projects. The website highlights major capital projects for libraries that have been ranked according to Mecklenburg County's Capital Improvement Project Process. For more information about procurement and contract opportunities related to building projects, visit the Mecklenburg County procurement webpage.

The timing of funding for large capital projects, like a new library branch, depends on Mecklenburg County’s Capital Improvement Project process. This is true even when funding has been approved by the voters, because Mecklenburg County must borrow money or otherwise allocate funds to build capital projects of this type. In addition to the capital costs of opening a new library branch, there is also a large on-going operational cost to pay for the books and hire the staff. The Library has no bond-funded or PayGo projects currently ranked for new library branches. 

The Library does have four renovation projects currently ranked for funding with County PayGo funds. Because these are renovations, we do not expect an increase in operational expenses for these capital projects. Projects funded from the PayGo reserves are approved annually by the Board of County Commissioners. It is expected these projects will be funded before 2019.

Current Projects

Morrison Regional Library Renovation and Expansion

Completion date: 2017
Architect: HBM Architects
Contractor: Barnhill Contracting Company

The Library has begun an approximately $8,000,000 capital improvement project for renovating and expanding the Morrison Regional Library. The project is managed by Mecklenburg County's Asset and Facility Management team. The Morrison Regional Library is currently 24,108 SF (first floor 12,054 SF; second floor 12,054 SF). The total project area is anticipated to be no more than 26,711 SF once the expansion is complete. Architectural planning and design work for the renovation is complete and construction is underway. Construction is anticipated to be complete in the fall of 2017. For more information, please see Renovation and Expansion Frequently Asked Questions.

North County Regional Library Renovation

The Library will begin an approximately $4,000,000 capital improvement project for renovating the North County Regional Library. The project is managed by Mecklenburg County's Asset and Facility Management team. Architectural planning and design work for the renovation is underway. Once planning and design is complete construction is anticipated to take another 12-15 months. 



Main Library Replacement

The Main Library has been located at 310 N. Tryon St. since 1903, with a building replacement in the 1950s and a significant expansion/renovation in 1988. Funding for the project will come from both private and public sources. The FY 2019 Mecklenburg County Capital Improvement Program earmarked $65 million in public funding, and the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library Foundation will engage with the community to raise private funds. More info: 

Past Projects

Beatties Ford Road Library - Renovation

​Completed: 2011
Architect: Gantt Huberman Architects
Contractor: Monteith Construction Corp.

Renovation of the Beatties Ford Road Library began in November 2009, with the goal of updating and expanding the facility to meet increased community demand. During the initial phase of renovation, the branch remained open with limited hours and services. However, on June 19, 2010 in light of significant cuts to Library funding, the Beatties Ford Library was closed to expedite the expansion and renovation effort. As part of the plan to cope with the funding cuts, Library trustees voted to approve a plan to make Beatties Ford Road Library the new regional library for the area when it reopened in the summer of 2011, replacing Freedom Regional Library. Freedom Regional closed as a Charlotte Mecklenburg Library, but it continues as the school library for the Phillip O. Berry Academy of Technology. 

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Hickory Grove Library Replacement

Completed: 2010
Architect: Wagner Murray Architects
Contractor: Randolph and Sons

Hickory Grove is a quickly growing community made up of people of all ages and backgrounds. The old library, a small, aging, facility located in a leased building, was not able to keep up with Hickory Grove’s rising population. Increasing the space from 5,100 to 16,000 square feet helps the library more effectively serve some 86,100 citizens. Funding for the $4,956,400 project came from Mecklenburg County pay-as-you-go funds, which alleviated the need to borrow for the project. 



  • Increased access to technology
  • More programs for children, teens, and families
  • Larger and improved meeting rooms for the community
  • Resources to encourage early childhood reading and school curricula

Sustainable Elements

Keeping in mind the library’s goals of sustainability, energy efficiency, indoor air quality, and obtaining LEED certification, the Hickory Grove Branch Library incorporated many environmentally friendly qualities that allow the facility to grow with its community.

  • Recycling 75% of the non-hazardous construction materials
  • Locally sourced building materials such as concrete, asphalt, metal and steel goods
  • Pre and post-consumer recycled materials such as recycled glass countertops and reclaimed sold surface countertops
  • Energy efficient HVAC and lighting systems with energy management controls
  • High-performance glazed windows that reduce heating and cooling costs
  • LED and high efficiency T-5 lighting that takes advantage of natural daylight by decreasing voltage
  • Low emitting materials such as formulated adhesives, paints and carpets
  • Sustainable and flexible floor surface
  • Sun shades that reduce the sun’s heat and glare load
  • Rooftop that dispels solar heat instead of absorbing it
  • Low-flow toilets & motion sensored faucets
  • Rooftop rainwater collection that hydrates our low maintenance landscape

Energy Efficiency

Hickory Grove has been very energy efficient. From the beginning, the energy performance was predicted to be 17.5 percent better than a conventional building of its size. Many thanks to Mecklenburg County who calculated the data for us: The energy performance calculated for 2011 was approximately 34 percent better than a conventional building of its size. In other words, the results-to-date show that the building has more than doubled the original prediction of savings.


Main Library Job Center Renovation

Completed: 2009

In response to a growing need in Mecklenburg County, the Library has launched a new initiative aimed at helping people find jobs. This initiative included a new job center in Main Library.