Mobile Library

The Mobile Library seeks to connect people of all ages to Charlotte Mecklenburg Library by lowering access barriers to our services. To do this, our team will use rotating service routes to reach customers around Mecklenburg County. When you see the Mobile Library, endearingly referred to as "MoLi" (pronounced "Molly"), know that convenient access to Library service is a moment away!


The 33-foot-long vehicle has a wheelchair lift for accessibility, a side awning for outdoor programming, eight public-use Chromebooks and the capacity to hold up to 2,400 physical materials including books, audiobooks, magazines, CDs and DVDs.

The Mobile Library offers:

  • Access to adult, teen and children’s collections
  • Materials checkouts and returns
  • Online resources and databases
  • Free Wi-Fi access (approx. 50 ft radius from the vehicle)
  • Public use Chromebooks
  • Library Card services (registrations/renewals/updates)
  • Charlotte Mecklenburg Library staff to assist you

Onboard features include: 

  • Shelving for a sizeable collection.
  • An entrance and exit for easy customer flow through the vehicle 
  • An ADA-compatible wheelchair lift
  • Four mobile collection carts for pop up collections and displays  
  • A mobile technology cart to be equipped with laptops, Chromebooks, tablets and other technology
  • An air filtration system to help mitigate COVID-19 and other pathogens  
  • An onboard and external A/V system equipped with an external 65-inch display, and two additional displays inside
  • A speaker system with microphones for programming both inside and outside the vehicle  
  • A diesel generator and a power inverter supported by four solar panels on the roof of the vehicle; this means our vehicle comes with lots of power and plugs for extra flexibility!  
  • 360-degree backup and side cameras to ensure safe parking and navigation 


Services will be available on a three-week rotating schedule that targets high-need areas of the communities with limited access to a physical Library building or virtual services. Services may be limited due to COVID-19.

"The Library’s mission is to improve lives and build a stronger community, which means reaching every community member in every part of Mecklenburg County. The Mobile Library expands and deepens the Library’s ability to reach into high need areas of the community, providing access to free resources, programs and technology, particularly where limited physical or digital access to Library services exists. This access will help create pathways for citizens to learn and grow, gaining success in school, in their careers and beyond."

- Chief Library Services Officer Caitlin Moen

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