Celebrating STEAM Month with Charlotte Mecklenburg Library

Celebrate STEAM Month throughout October with Charlotte Mecklenburg Library!

Leaves are changing, fall is in the air and, at Charlotte Mecklenburg Library, that means STEAM Month is here! Search the Library's calendar for all STEAM-related events here, or visit your favorite branch to find out what is happening during October as we celebrate STEAM Month. In the meantime, get ready to celebrate science, technology, engineering and math with these books! 

Science Is Magic by Steve Mould

Try exploring experiments with your young scientist at home. Science Is Magic by Steve Mould is loaded with entertaining and educational ideas. The improbable nature of each experiment makes it seem like a magician’s trick, but a section on each experiment called, “The Science Part” explains exactly how and why the action happens. Mould presents natural wonders and explores the science of classic magicians and mysteries between experiments. He also includes an experiment based on scientific observation he made himself! The experiments are based around ordinary household items. Most of them can be performed by children alone, but an easily-recognized logo indicates when parental involvement might be necessary. Prepare to be amazed as you discover Science Is Magic! 

100 Things to Know About Numbers, Computers, and Coding by Alice James

Recognizing how technology and math interact – and how they fit into the world as a whole – is crucial. 100 Things to Know About Numbers, Computers, and Coding by Alice James, Eddie Reynolds, Minna Lacey, Rose Hall and Alex Frith, helps kids develop that understanding in a fast-paced, fact-and-fun-filled way. Big, colorful infographics are sure to capture the interest of kids captivated by coding. There are even two ways to read this – in a linear fashion from Infographic 1 to Infographic 100, or by skipping around between infographics. From Pythagoras to Pascal’s Triangle to pixels, the facts presented here are sure to keep school-age kids occupied for hours. 



Skyscraper  by Jorey Hurley 

Even the youngest engineers are sure to love Skyscraper by Jorey Hurley. Colorful, one-word and two-page spreads chronicle the construction process from demolition to completion. A glossary at the end, complete with images, offers extra detail including exact vocabulary for all the heavy equipment and their pivotal roles in the building process. This deceptively simple, beautifully illustrated book is sure to foster fascinating conversation! 



Which One Doesn’t Belong: Playing with Shapes by Christopher Danielson

Keep the conversation going with Which One Doesn’t Belong: Playing with Shapes by Christopher Danielson. Colorful arrays of four shapes present the questions, “Which one of these is different from the others, and why?” The book models possible thought processes for identifying the unique shape, then presents more shape sets for further consideration.  With no right-or-wrong answers but lots to talk about, it works well for both one-on-one reading and whole-family interaction. In 2017, it won a Mathical Book Prize. An edition released in 2019 updates the color palate but maintains the excellent conversation-starting content.

Find these great books and get ready for STEAM month at your local branch! 


This blog was written by Larisa Martin of Charlotte Mecklenburg Library.