Cozy mysteries that appreciate Halloween

Charlotte Mecklenburg Library explores mystery fiction that nods to Halloween

Halloween is a holiday infused with amusement and suspense. The excitement is targeted for the children, but also enjoyed by adults as shown through the costumes, treats, fall festivals and parties. Those events are entertaining in real life while in novels the edginess goes much further. Halloween makes a likely backdrop for the whodunit murder in mysteries found on the shelves in the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library. 

Be forewarned when you seek these frightful novels because they’re in the cozy mysteries genre. Writer Leslie Meier leads the pack of cozy mysteries with three novels in the Library.  Why cozy mysteries, you ask?  These are identified as “gentle reads.” If you investigate, many books in that genre settle on multiple themes such as the culinary environments and the holidays. That said, why not follow the adventure of an amateur sleuth in an upbeat, occasionally funny story?  When you take that path, you're led to Leslie Meier according to Novelist Plus, the reader’s advisory Internet tool.

Her long running Lucy Stone mystery novels with a reporter in a fictional Maine town is Meier's staple for writing mystery books. The Library owns Halloween Murder which has two mysteries in one volume (Trick or Treat Murder and Wicked Witch Murder), Candy Corn Murder: a Lucy Stone Mystery and "Haunted House Murder(with two additional stories by writers Lee Hollis and Barbara Ross). 

For a look at those titles and more Halloween-themed mystery books, check this list.  Authors include Morris Ferris, Rita Mae Brown and Agatha Christie with a Hercule Poirot mystery. These books range from regular print, large print, ebook, and eaudiobook book formats.

Take in the spirit of Halloween with these books, your favorite candy and a fictional dead body or two.


This blog was written by Lawrence Turner, librarian, of Charlotte Mecklenburg Library.