Exciting virtual summer activities from Charlotte Mecklenburg Library

Put the fun back in summer learning with these cool activities from the Library

Welcome to Week 3 of our Summer Break challenge: Summer Break: At Home! Did you know that people of all ages can participate in the Summer Break program? We hope that all the members of your family are having a great time participating and logging reading time and activities. Summer Break: At Home will run until June 30. Our next challenge Summer Break: Reading Takes You Everywhere starts July 1. If you have any questions about Summer Break, check out how the program works and sign up here. 

If you’re looking for even more fun learning activities to do this summer we have lots of suggestions! Check out our Digital Branch, Read Charlotte’s Reading Checkup, or our virtual programs. 

Digital Branch  

Summer is a great time to enjoy the outdoors, but if you are ready to beat the heat, Charlotte Mecklenburg Library has you covered. Stay in the cool air conditioning and access our digital branch any time! Available 24/7 here, the Digital Branch has a variety of offerings for all ages. Find fabulous reads, literacy extension activities, and Active Reading tips on the Storytime Train. Or tune in and try out one of our four podcasts. You can also view library programs or learn about library resources. The Digital Branch has something for everyone to enjoy, no matter the time or location! 

Reading Checkup with Read Charlotte 

Curious about your child’s reading level? It’s time for a Reading Checkup! Visit Read Charlotte’s new page for more information. This assessment tool is quick and completely free and will provide you with resources and activities specifically geared for your child’s reading level.  

Once you find or know your child’s reading level, you can find targeted activities here. Within these activities, you can tailor them to whether you can assist your child or your child can do it on their own. You can also adapt them to your child’s personality, interests, and behaviors.  

Exciting Programs  

This summer the library is hosting some wonderful programs online. Check out the available programming on the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library calendar.   

Comments? Questions?  

Are you having problems with the Summer Break 2020 website or your account? Do you have questions about the program? Do you have a wonderful story about the library and Summer Break? Feel free to chat with us online, call your local branch or email us at MLSummerBreakQuestions@cmlibrary.org for help or feedback.    

The 2020 Summer Break program is brought to you by Charlotte Mecklenburg Library with additional support from Wendy’s and the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library Foundation.