Library Love Stories to last a lifetime

This Library Lovers Month, Charlotte Mecklenburg Library customers, community members, Library supporters and staff share their most meaningful Library love stories.

Love can be a many-splendored thing. It can bring joy, instill hope and unify communities.

That’s what we love most about love at Charlotte Mecklenburg Library. What moves us most is the impact Library staff and customers feel from coexisting and sharing experiences in our branches  and through our events and programs across Mecklenburg County.

This Library Lovers Month, we sent an all-call, asking customers, community members, supporters and staff to share their most meaningful Library Love Stories. We hope that the responses below provide a deeper understanding of the significance of libraries in the communities the serve -- especially in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Now, on to the love…:


Every little thing is going to be okay

“I recognized a customer who had not been in for a long time and spoke with her. She had a large suitcase and said she had been traveling and was just getting back to Charlotte. I said, ‘Welcome back. It's good to see you.’ I didn't think any more about it until she came to my writing group about a month later and shared with the group the story of coming into the Library and meeting me. She shared that returning to Charlotte with no job, no place to live and seeing my smile, she knew everything was going to be okay. She was crying. I was crying. It was a reminder to be kind and speak to everyone. You don't know how badly that kindness may be needed.” – Pam, from Main Library

Strawn Towers

“Our love story began at Strawn Towers with Amrita. She provides the best educational information on all kinds of topics. The seniors at my site love when she comes because they look forward to the information she will provide. She is filled with so much happiness, love, and compassion towards the seniors. They really enjoyed when she took them to the Levine Museum of the New South. Most importantly, it was their favorite Thursday with her. Thank you, Amrita, from Strawn Towers, for your dedication and the love you have shown us.” – Mariquetta, for Outreach Services at Main Library

A familiar feeling

“I moved to Charlotte from Northern Virginia two and a half years ago and one of the things I made a mission to do was find a library so that I could feed my habit of nightly reads. I researched and visited the neighborhood library at Mountain Island and that first visit felt so good because, as soon as I walked through the door, I was greeted by a young lady at the desk who helped me get a Library card. I then got help with the catalog search which made me feel really welcomed. It was similar to the system I'm used to. There's that comfort and, like magic, I was set to start reading in my new home and this beautiful Library. I currently use the online library catalog. My dog and I listen to books every day and night. This is very relaxing for him and puts him to sleep every time. I wouldn't change a thing!” – Gladys, for Mountain Island Library

New Library smell

“We LOVE the new South Boulevard Library! It is much bigger and nicely sectioned, but, most of all, we LOVE all the people that work there. They are always so helpful and friendly! We plan to continue using the new Library for many more (of our older) years!” – Ursula, for South Boulevard Library

Willing to relocate

“I have been visiting the Library for over 40 years. My mom introduced me to libraries and a love of reading. One day, we visited a different branch. I always went to the same one, so I asked her why she visited different locations. She replied, ‘They have different selections.’ So, that's when I started to visit different branches, too. I've visited six! However, when I entered the Matthews Library branch, I fell in love -- this was it for me. Matthews is warm, inviting, cozy and they have an outstanding collection. I've never seen so many cookbooks and the staff are warm, friendly and very helpful. This location is not the closest branch to my home, but I visit Matthews twice a week. It's worth the drive and this branch is the reason why I want to buy a home in Matthews. I want to live near the place I love -- the Library.” –Angela, for Matthews Library

Lifelong Learning

“The outreach services offered by the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library help keep our senior housing residents engaged through the literacy and lifelong learning programs. They look forward to participating and sharing in new adventures monthly.” – April, for Outreach Services at Main Library

Write Like You Mean It

“Write Like You Mean It, a writing group at Main library has been a blessing for me. I joined as a writer and now I am an active Library volunteer. I volunteer with Pam Turner, who leads this group. It’s fulfilling that many of my ideas are used as prompts in this group. I have also been able to successfully bring many published authors as guest speakers to my writing group. One of my goals as a writer is to be able to bridge resources and talent. I have been able to do that through my volunteering experience. I love what I do as a writer and as a Library volunteer because it has given me an opportunity to grow as a writer and to build a strong and supportive writing community.” – Surabhi, for Pam and Volunteer Services at Main Library

Library fever

“My two sons, now 31 and 27 grew up with a love of books by going to the, then new, Morrison Library. We would get so, so many books at one time--picture books, then as time went on, easy readers, chapter books, etc. We would laugh and joke the that we had 'Library fever,' getting so many books each trip. The boys also participated in the summer reading program and often were the first kids to complete their paper charts, as it was done back then. They still are voracious readers. Thanks, Morrison Library!” – Bridgett, for Morrison Regional Library


Always a new adventure

“We love our Matthews Library and the fantastic librarians who nurture a love of reading in our community. My little one enjoys his visits and learning new stories and adventures in the library.” –Megan, for Matthews Library

One for all and all for one

“There is no place on Earth like a library. Books, galore, friendly and helpful staff, children.... What’s not to love? I LOVE books and reading. What a great place to go to get one or ten books at a time! The thing that gives me the most hope is found at the Library. There are young mothers with children in tow who check out 20 books at a time. That is what I did with my children when they were little too. I love to see the tradition continue and that gives me hope for our future. Kudos to public libraries! They are all different, but all the same. Books, book sales, friendly staff, computers, audiobooks, computers, help if needed...what a great place! Thanks to all who work there.”— Merrilou, for Steele Creek and all public libraries

Heaven on Earth

"As a stay a home wife (not willingly, but still!) of an IT employee, I’ve felt home in the Morrison Regional Library for the past two years. I used to gaze at all the shelves for the entire afternoon and pick just one single book at the end. Maybe God knew my love for books and placed a library right in my neighborhood! Believe it or not, the Library has books for all my moods. I just can't imagine what I would have done without this Library. Surely it is my Heaven on Earth!” – With lots of love, Keerthana, for Morrison Regional Library

Longtime love

“Fairly new to Charlotte about 30 years ago, I was looking for a library and found the ‘old’ Mountain Island branch. It was love at first sight and the librarians became my new friends. I looked around the area to buy a home close to the Library. My relationship to this Library has outlasted my marriage. That’s love! Now, I’m a Reading Buddy, helping the next generation love reading and their library as much as I do.” – Rose, for Mountain Island Library


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