Lift Ev'ry Voice, civic engagement for young people

Lift Ev'ry Voice"

Civic engagement is multifaceted – it takes on a different look for each person who practices it. The Lift Ev’ry Voice series helps kids find a form of civic engagement that is as unique as they are – something that really speaks to them. This series inspires students to get involved by celebrating the voices and accomplishments of young Black women who are active in civic engagement locally. In our first segment, photography is explored as a form of civic engagement that kids can participate in.

Ryann, an eight-year-old entrepreneur, interviewed Sabrina Robinson, a local civil rights photographer, and videographer. Ryann owns Ryann Bella Boutique, an online store that offers clothing for “young divas,” BLM t-shirts in all sizes, and COVID masks. She was also the keynote speaker for The Children’s March in Charlotte.

Sabrina is a graduate of Winston-Salem State University with a degree in art and a concentration in computer graphics and animation. She received an award from the NC College Media Association for illustration/graphic/cartoon and the Statue of David for photography. Sabrina’s work has been featured in national and international publications.

Examples of Sabrina’s moving photography and Ryann’s insightful comments are sure to inspire kids to find their own brand of civic engagement.   


Click here for more information about photography resources for kids and teens available free at Charlotte Mecklenburg Library.

In this election year, the Library is partnering with the Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) offering programs like this one to encourage everyone to look back at what has been accomplished in the past and to move forward with empowerment to make a difference in one's own community. To learn more about Engage 2020, click here.