The Queen around Crown Town

A cardboard cutout of Queen Charlotte is taking Charlotte Mecklenburg Library and Charlotte by storm.

By now, you’ve probably seen images of Queen Charlotte plastered across Charlotte Mecklenburg Library social media accounts. The Queen, who arrived in her city-namesake in September 2019, has been on the move since she got here. While her presence has taken the city by storm, it’s also left many residents and visitors asking the question: Why is the Queen here?

Because she never made it to Charlotte during her lifetime, that’s why.

Most importantly, Queen Charlotte, who has been immortalized in cardboard thanks to our friends at the Mint Museum and our own Robinson-Spangler Carolina Room, is meant to bring awareness to the Robinson-Spangler Carolina Room as a treasure trove of historical and geneaological resources. She is also meant to be a fun, unifying, educational, conversational and engaging addition to the Charlotte community. The Queen will tour "Crown Town" for approximately one year – learning about the city and the way Charlotteans live life. She will also educate and liaise with the community along the way.

Queen Charlotte was initially prompted to visit Charlotte when she received news from the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library's Historian-in-Residence, Tom Hanchett, that the iconic Dairy Queen on Central Avenue in Plaza-Midwood was due to close this fall. She was devastated yet intrigued.

The Queen reported that she previously heard news of a rapidly expanding and changing Charlotte. It alarmed her that she could miss out on discovering the essence of what makes the Queen City regal. So, she challenged herself to visit as many historical landmarks in the city as she can– with plans to meet residents and have fun along the way.

And the Queen is having fun, indeed! Since her September arrival, the Queen has:

The Queen has been busy, but she’s not done enjoying herself.

All friends of the Library are encouraged to follow the Library on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts to keep up with the Queen. And, if you see her around town, don’t be shy. Take a photo with her instead.

Be sure to post your photos on social media with the hashtag #QueentakestheQueen so that the Library and all the Queens people can follow her adventures. Using the hashtag will also help the Queen look back fondly on her time spent in Charlotte when she returns to the past in September of 2020.

Afraid you won’t get a chance to meet the Queen? No worries! Starting on Tuesday, December 3, 2019, Library visitors can find Queen Charlotte (and snap a photo or two) in the Robinson-Spangler Carolina Room on the third floor of Main Library where she will begin residential hours.

The Queen looks forward to meeting you soon!


Have ideas of places Queen Charlotte should visit around the city or neighboring towns? Send suggestions or invitations with the subject "QueentakestheQueen" to