Run, walk or bike to Charlotte Mecklenburg Library with your 2019 healthy living goals

Make 2019 a healthy year with help from the Library.

Want to read more in 2019? Charlotte Mecklenburg Library can help with that. Want to get or stay fit in 2019? The Library can help with that too!

Get moving

Put that new (or old!) fitness tracker to the test with one of our hundreds of workout DVDs and streaming videos. Here’s just a sampling of how to get your heart rate up!

  • Knock out your stress with kickboxing master Billy Blanks DVDs. 
  • Substitute My Yoga: Who Needs Coffee? on Hoopla if you’re cutting back your caffeine intake.
  • Watch Arnold Schwarzenegger's classic Pumping Iron to get motivated with your strength training regimen. 
  • Don’t attempt a marathon in a month!  Start out ‘nice and easy’ with our low-impact video collection.
  • Save money on gym fees by streaming a cardio dance workout from your living room.

Snack smarter

Put down the junk food and pick up one of these healthier snacking cookbooks. However, we like to live by the “everything in moderation” rule and included something sweet!

  • Treat yourself with a recipe from the Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream cookbook if you can’t make it to the South End shop. 

Sleep more

While we can’t add another hour or two to your day, we can recommend some resources to help you rest.

Practice mindfulness

Mindfulness and meditation practices continue to trend in 2019. Join one of these free gentle January health programs at a library location near you! 

Let the Library help you take your first steps, no matter how small, in your journey to a healthier you in 2019!