Spring is a season of new mysteries

Anyone looking for new mysteries this spring can find good options in the Library catalog. This includes the next title in the long-running, private-detective Ali Reynolds series and the last book of the Inspector Tao Yun Shan novels. Here are those titles and a few others to consider:

The A List: An Ali Reynolds Mystery

Writer Judith A. Janice jumps back into Ali Reynold’s previous career as a television news anchor for the latest story in this long-running series. Today, private investigator and cybersecurity company owner, Reynolds lives and works in Sedona, Arizona, where she’s recently married and owns a new house. Ten years ago, though, she worked in Los Angeles where her last news story led to the arrest and imprisonment of a prominent doctor for medical malpractice and, ultimately, a murder charge. That imprisoned doctor still harbors a vengeful anger against those viewed responsible for his fate. He even has a tattooed list of the initials of his enemies to cross off his self-styled Annihilation List. And, as expected, Reynolds’s initials are on the list.  This novel is 14 in  in the series and available in regular, large print, eBook and audiobook formats.       

Bloody January 

It’s 1973 and Glasgow, Scotland is a noir-infused backdrop for the investigations of Detective Harry McCoy into a seemingly quick case. Tipped about a planned killing of a young woman, which occurs the next day by a young man who shoots her in public and then shoots himself, the events appear to be only a sad tragedy. McCoy is convinced otherwise and travels deep into the city’s criminal underworld for answers. Accompanied by a new partner, Watson, through his probes, McCoy believes he is on the right track. His investigation leads to the super-rich Dunlop family with ties to a secret society steeped in criminal activity. However, the investigation stalls as McCoy tries to make his case stick, but he is not deterred. Bloody January is the first of the Harry McCoy series by Alan Parks. The second book is February’s Son. Both titles are available in regular print and e-book formats.     

Bones of the Earth

Inspector Shan Tao Yun, a one-time Beijing, China, law officer who is now exiled to Tibet, continues his law enforcement in his new rural home. Requested to view the execution of a Tibetan for corruption, Shan later suspects the government's actions were not genuine as he’s discovers the deaths of others hidden by the execution. The apparent murders include other Tibetans and an American archaeology student working to protect an ancient shire. Moreover, Shan’s mission is elevated as he accepts the assistance of the American’s angry father to find the truth. All the while, Shan is conflicted by the government, justice and helping his citizens. This novel is the 10th and final of the series. The Library system has eight books in the series by writer Eliot Pattison

Murder with Collard Greens and Hot Sauce

Mahalia's Sweet Tea is extra busy serving meals during a huge hair convention in Prince George's County, Maryland. Restaurant manager Halia Watkins has as much work as she can handle when a famous beauty mogul, Monique Depree, arrives and creates an additional buzz in the community. The result is shocking as Depree is shot dead and the death uncovers relationships filled with strife. Enter Watkins and her cousin, Wavonne, to serve as amateur sleuths. Murder with Collard Greens and Hot Sauce is the third of the Mahalia Watkins Soul Food Mystery series by writer A. L. Herbert. The Library offers all three novels.  

Something Read Something Dead: A Lighthouse Library Mystery

Who would tamper with gluten-free treats and kill during a bridal shower? Lucy Richardson, cousin to bride-to-be Josie, oversees the shower to help ease family tension over the coming days. It appears the bride's modest wedding plans are in jeopardy by certain family members. The peace-treaty attempts in the bridal shower fail miserably as a cousin dies and Josie is under police suspicion. Under these circumstances, Lucy, as an amateur sleuth, helps her cousin, to find the killer. Writer Eva Gates has five books in this mystery series and Something Read Something Dead is the latest. The Library has four of the five books set in the Outer Banks of North Carolina.