Traveling with your Library card

The Charlotte Mecklenburg Library provides tools and resources that make traveling a breeze with your Library card.

Whether you're planning a trip for summer, fall, winter or spring,  be sure to use your Charlotte Mecklenburg Library card for all your travel needs!

Before You Go:

Every smart traveler knows to pack lightly and plan early.  We always have traditional guidebooks at every location, but here are some digital suggestions to leave room for more souvenirs and help you navigate your travels: 

  • Learn the language of the country you’re visiting by downloading Mango Languages app, free with your library card, to your smartphone. 
  • Rent a Wi-Fi Hotspot if you’re not sure about the cost or availability of internet access (only available for use in the continental U.S.). 

Free Entertainment:

Your suitcases are packed, and your reservations are confirmed.  Pass the time on your flight or in the car with these audiobook and magazine suggestions: 

  • Compare the television show Game of Thrones with the books by listening to the George R.R. Martin series


You don’t have to travel far to have a great experience with these free ideas!

  • Trade your sunglasses for a pair of VR glasses Thursday, July 25 at our Beatties Ford Road Library for an Armchair Travel program.  Head to exotic locations like Thailand without leaving town! 
  • Learn about a new culture, such as Japanese, Chinese, French or Spanish, through Universal Class.
  • Escape the brutal Carolina heat by watching Antarctica--A Year On Ice, Meru: Mountain Climbing in the Himalayas, or more than 220 travel videos on our video service, Kanopy
  • Mark your calendars for a fall travel discussion series at our Morrison Library September 18.

Whether you’re traveling by air, sea or car, take the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library with you this summer.