Library by Phone

Library by Phone: Notification of Overdue Items

Everyone occasionally forgets to return library materials on time. Our phone notification service will place two calls when an item is overdue on your library card.
  • One call when an item is 10 days overdue
  • One call when an item is 27 days overdue
  • A final printed notice will be mailed at 30 days overdue

Library by Phone will also notify you as to which location has an item on hold for you and how long that item will be held for pickup. You can then:

  • Press 1 - To log in to your account using your library card barcode number and get more details
  • Press 2 - To pause while you get someone else to listen to the message
  • Press 3 - To repeat the message

You can also call (704) 416-7363 to find out which items are overdue, or check your account online at  These services are available 24 hours, every day of the year.

Privacy Issues

When the Library calls to alert you about overdue items, no title information is provided. You have several options to find out the titles on hold or overdue.

  • Check your account through the online catalog 
  • Calling a library location
  • Calling telephone reference at (704) 416-0100. The service is available during operating hours.
If you do not wish to be notified about overdues or items on hold by telephone, just sign up for email and/or text notification of holds and overdues.

Library by Phone: Transactions

You can conduct a number of library activities right from your own home. Simply call (704) 416-7363, listen to the messages and press keys on your telephone to choose the options you want. You can renew library material, get a list of items currently on loan to you or on hold for you and find out what fines and charges you may owe.

Please have your library card ready before calling, and if you are renewing specific items, have them with you as well. If you enter your library card barcode and get the message, "not the correct barcode from your library card," it is because you have entered your barcode before the Library by Phone greeting was complete.

Choose from these options: 


1. Library information

1. Library Information
2. Renewal information

2. Account options (# for instructions)

Enter card number for acct information

1. Renewals menu

1. Renew one item
2. Renew all items
4. List items on loan
* return to previous menu

2. Holds menu

4. Hear list of filled holds
5. Hear list of unfilled holds
* return to previous menu

3. Cancel hold
6. Next item
5. Previous item
* return to previous menu

3. Account status

* return to previous menu

4. List of hold and loan items menu

1. Renew item
3. Cancel hold
6. Next item
5. Previous item
* return to previous menu

6. Name customization menu

  1. Hear current name
  2. Record new name
  3. Remove your current recorded name

         *return to previous menu

7. Another account menu
        "enter key" new barcode
        * cancel

What do each of the options mean?

Renewals menu - On this menu there are three choices you can make. You can either: renew one item by typing in the barcode, renew all items currently out to you, or listen to a list of checked out items and renew them individually.

If you have more than 15 overdues or owe more than $5.00, the renewal option will be unavailable to you. Renewable items may be renewed twice.

The fastest way to renew just 1 or 2 items is to choose the enter barcodes option from the renewal menu and enter the barcodes of the items you wish to renew.

The renewal service is available 24 hours a day. However, if the item is due that day you must renew before 11:59 p.m. (before Midnight) in order to avoid overdue charges.

When you renew items currently on loan you will be given the new due date. The renewal period begins when you renew the item. For example, if your book is due on Thursday but you renew on Tuesday, the renewal period begins on Tuesday. When a renewal is not possible, it will be for one of the following reasons:

  • Item is not renewable (e.g. rental items)
  • Item has reached its maximum number of renewals
  • Item is on hold for another person
  • You have more than 15 overdue items or owe more than $5.00

Holds menu - You can hear a list of titles being held for you and the location where you may pick them up. You may also choose the option to cancel a hold.

Account status - Lists items on loan, holds that are ready to pickup and fine amount.

List of hold and loan items menu - Lists items on loan and their due dates as well as the status of hold items. From this list you have the option to renew items and cancel holds.

Name customization menu - You can create a recording that TeleCirc will use for your name.

Another account menu - You can get details on another account by inputting the library card barcode number.

If you need more information about your account or if you have any issues with your phone transactions,  please call (704) 416-0101.